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Who can benefit from the local SEO service ?

you must have:

  • GMB
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Let me introduce myself

local seo

My name is Jean-Marc i’m a freelance seo, niche site editor and local search engine optimization specialist.
I have developed a service to place your shop, small business, restaurant, etc. in the top 3 of local search. I have made it a point of honor to make this service affordable so that a maximum of people can have access to it (and I am very proud of it)
Passionate about my job that I’ve been doing for over 15 years, I love traveling, boxing and Asian, Italian and French cuisine…

All about local SEO and using it for your business

Local SEO may seem mysterious at first, but it’s simply a matter of making your business known in a way other than just your website, using Google Map. You have the ability to make your business visible from this tool to users browsing the map or entering your store name in the search bar. This is a very effective way to drive traffic to your physical store given the huge importance of location-based browsers these days. Your store will even show up on Google for people nearby, if your store can meet the user’s need via their internet search.

How to get listed on Google Map

To get listed on Google Map, you just need to create a Google My Business listing. You can start creating your listing by going to the Google website.

Enter your basic information such as the location of your store, its name, its hours, what domain you belong to etc… You must verify your address by receiving a code automatically by calling the location of your place. Your listing is then created and referenced on Google Map and your store is now visible.

local seo GMB

To go further, optimize your Google My Business page

  • To be listed on Google Map is a good thing, but you have the possibility to be listed more or less well according to specific criteria. The most important thing for Google is above all the proximity of the user to your store. You will not be able to stand out from your competitors if you are located much further away from your target customers.
  • You can however stand out on one thing, the rating of your store. Customers have the opportunity to leave a review on your based on a rating ranging from one to five stars. This is the main thing that will set you apart from your competitors and make potential customers come to you rather than someone else. Some stores are already starting to ask their customers to leave a review on their Google My Business page, and you can do it too, especially if you have a business that combines service and social proximity with customers, like hairdressers for example. Follow closely your online reputation and take care to respond to each review, whether positive or negative. You are also monitored on your involvement with your customers.
  • Don’t neglect the photos, this is the thing that users look at the most along with the comments on a listing. You must allow the user to project himself in your place and to see clearly what is there to make him want to come and show him that you answer his problem
  • Last element you can realize, the creation of events that you can promote directly from the platform to keep informed not only your regular customers and make them come back to your store, but also to make new users want to come and put forward an additional argument to make them prefer your store rather than the one located at 500 meters from you for example.

Use backlinks, essential to boost your traffic

Backlinks are a must in SEO nowadays, you can’t miss them if you want to optimize your SEO, whether it is local or for your website. Make your business visible on sites like Yellow Page, Foursquare, Yelp, TripAdvisor to have a maximum of referrals and thus show Google that you have weight in the field you practice.

Try to find local directories or pages on your city to also reference you there. You will have understood, all means are good to appear on a maximum of pages and thus acquire a wide range of backlinks.

The more backlinks you have, the more Google will understand your field of activity and will be able to make you rise in the ranking of Internet searches that correspond to you.

Optimize your site for mobile

Mobile is becoming an increasingly important part of SEO these days. Google takes it into account in the local SEO ranking. Indeed, Google My Business listings seem to be particularly adapted for searches that are done while on the move.

Google has adapted this feature by favoring websites that are very well optimized for mobile.

Imagine that most of the searches done to find nearby restaurants are done in the street and from a phone, so it becomes obvious that today the place of mobile takes precedence over the classic formats of websites adapted to computers.

The line between website and local listing is thin, it depends on it. If your site is not optimized for it, you risk losing places. You must therefore synchronize your two elements to gain places for both your site, but also for your Google listing.

To conclude:

I hope this article will help you in your local seo. Seo takes time and requires some technical skills so if you want fast and safe results, use my local seo service!