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Creation and Verification GMB WITHOUT Postcard

All Countries, All Cities

To create your new GMB, we need :

  • Name of the company
  • an address
  • website
  • category
  • phone number
  • A description of your services max 500 words
  • Hours operation
  • Serviced area

Receive your validated Google My Business in less than 7 days

local seo services

Google My Business is a local SEO management service provided by Google.

With our Google My Business Management Service, you can increase web traffic from mobile, Google Maps, and local searches.

Bring in local searchers and convert them into customers.

Maintain your Google My Business listing at all times.

Why is optimizing your Google My Business listing important?

Maintaining an active GMB profile is critical for businesses that rely on their location to provide services, have multiple locations, or are in competitive metropolitan areas.

Is GMB required for your company’s local SEO?

If your company has a physical location, creating a GMB profile is an absolute must. It allows you to rank in local search results and promote your company to the right buyers.

Maintaining a high Google My Business ranking can mean a lot for businesses like landscaping, plumbing, restaurants, gyms, and music schools. According to a Google study, 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, while 34% searched on a computer or tablet did the same.

Furthermore, businesses in competitive metro areas or with multiple branches will benefit from optimizing their Google My Business SEO because ranking for a second location can be much more difficult than ranking for the first.

When it comes to detecting when a user is looking for local information, Google’s search algorithm is extremely adept. It will directly insert the top three Google Maps listings above the first organic results.

These local results and maps are referred to as « The Google Map Pack, » and for local businesses, this is the place to be.

Users who search for « local gym, » « IT support near me, » or « plumbers in Fort Worth » will see Google Ads, Google Maps, and 8 Organic Results.

With Links, you can hasten your map’s ranking ascension.

It’s no secret that Google prefers brands to anonymous businesses, so it stands to reason that brand and authority-building campaigns will be critical to your local SEO success.

Local SEO link building, in conjunction with our monthly Google My Business maintenance service, lays the groundwork for establishing a strong local presence and strengthening your brand authority in your area.

Every month, our local SEO experts will manually create high-quality, highly relevant contextual links between your website and your Google My Business listing, with the goal of increasing brand authority and establishing keyword relevance.

There are numerous services that promise to rank your Google My Business listing in the map pack, but combining a targeted link-building campaign with a well-optimized listing is all you need to maximize your local visibility.